SKWOD - muru-D

SKWOD is a mobile platform for popular fitness trainers to sell their weekly fitness programs and meal plans direct to their subscribers. We handle the tech so that trainers and fitness personalities with a significant fan base are empowered to better engage with their mobile customers, build their brand and community, as well as earn subscription income. Quality lasting fitness journeys exist because of communities and peer support. With SKWOD our users are lead by their trainer, supported by their peers, and connected by our platform.

Our model should not be confused for an ‘Ad Tech’ or media business, as we do not connect brands with influencers. We are a fitness technology platform fostering a marketplace designed for e-commerce. The focus on top fitness trainers is two-fold: 1. They have an existing audience who is already engaged; 2. The trainers currently have no way to sell directly to their fans without creating and marketing their own website/app (which is costly).