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muru-D is the startup accelerator backed by Telstra. We invest in great teams with innovative technology and global ambitions.

muru-D is coming to Melbourne!   

We're coming to Melbourne!

We will be opening a new muru-D program in Melbourne, based out of Telstra's Gurrowa Lab. The startups who come into the program will have access to the lab's game-changing technology, including the Open IoT Lab, as part of their journey to changing the world.

We are currently recruiting for an Entrepreneur-in- Residence who will act as the ‘head coach’ for the startups, and once this key role is filled we will be able to advise the specific program criteria for the first Melbourne intake – watch this space!

We've taken big, digital opportunities to a global market since 2013

  • 5 locations, Sydney, Singapore and now opening in Melbourne in addition to partner programs in Brisbane and Perth

  • 73 start-ups accelerated to date

  • 300+ jobs created by the companies

  • Global alliances with 500 Startups, HAX, Chinaccelerator, The Junction and The Icehouse

What we offer

We want to work with exceptional Founders solving high impact, global problems.

As part of a six-months program, you will gain access to a purpose built coworking space; our global network of mentors, alumni, investors and partners; international trade trips; and many more perks.

You will get all the benefits of building lifetime connections with your fellow cohort entrepreneurs, whilst working with us to create an acceleration path that is tailored to fit your business needs.


Want more details?

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Get to know our amazing network of mentors and investors

The lean mean muru-D team rely on the passionate support of an amazingly rich and diverse network of sucessful highly skilled individuals who generously dedicate their knowledge, skill, network and support to grow our startups.

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Charlotte Yarkoni

Charlotte Yarkoni

Corporate VP MSFT, Azure Growth & Ecosystems, Co-Founder muru-D

Annie Parker

Annie Parker

Chairman Code Club Australia, Co-Co-Founder muru-D

Andrey Shirben

Andrey Shirben

Founder of SYD Ventures

Mick Liubinskas

Mick Liubinskas

Co-Founder and Alumni Manager muru-D, Mr Focus, Co-Founder of Pollenizer, Startmate Investor

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