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By capturing critical safety and risk data from the field in high risk environments, the Safesite platform is able to accurately predict and help customers prevent workplace injuries. 3,000 US companies use the Safesite app and desktop portal on a daily basis to complete compliance activities, share safety information and make every worker in the organization a safety champion. Data from IoT and wearable partners, public data sources and social media have further improved the accuracy of the Safesite risk grading algorithm.

A recent independent actuarial study conducted by Perr&Knight proved Safesite’s technology was able to reduce injury rates by 57%! This incredible value proposition has lead to large scale deployment contracts with insurance carriers looking to reduce loss rates. Workers compensation is a $56b industry in the US and the Safesite team is poised to disrupt the way risk is priced and distributed.

Founders: Peter Grant, David Fontain, Leigh Appel

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