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Pixc provides high volume image editing service that makes product images awesome so online stores can increase their sales.

Our mission at Pixc is to turn product images into awesome ones for individuals and businesses selling online,​ so ​they​ can increase ​their ​ online sales.

With the rise of online shopping, we’ve noticed that professional photos helps to highlight products, make ​ one​ stand out from competitors and gets customers clicking ‘add to cart’. The process of background removal is tedious and can often take up to an hour per image. At Pixc we ​ ​ provide a quick, efficient and easy way for you to have retail-ready photos. We’ve helped hundreds of e-commerce store owners and we want to help ​business owners sell more products. ​

In 2015, we plan to offer other on demand services to eCommerce store owners.​


Founders: Holly Cardew


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