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Instrument Works is actively ignoring legacy approaches to portable instrumentation for scientific and industrial applications. Starting with a clean-sheet approach we are taking a data-centric and user-centric view to the delivery of solutions to our customers that take maximum advantage of 21st century technologies such as smartphones, the cloud and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Starting with pH and temperature sensors we aim to offer our customers a complete range of fully portable and un-wired sensors, all controlled by smartphones and other touch-screen and cloud-connected enabled devices. We are developing a whole ecosystem of devices using our simple-to-use DataWorks software app. We embrace customer suggestions for further developments.

We make your data our mission. This means that we are entirely focused on delivering hardware and software solutions that enable you to extract the maximum value from your data and with the minimum effort. We are bringing the Internet of Things and Big Data to the users of scientific and industrial instrumentation so they are not left behind in the 21st century.

Founders: Shane Cox

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