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FarmBot is a revolutionary new monitoring system for farms, remote infrastructure and the environment that will provide significant cost savings and risk minimisation.

A problem such as stock without water for a day or more will result in loss of condition and even death. This can cause losses of many thousands of dollars. Farms incur significant annual costs in regular monitoring of stock water and other key aspects. Farmbot reduces the monitoring costs substantially and ensures the operator always knows the state their assets.

FarmBot provides a range of low cost sensor modules for rural and other use that communicate to shared regional receiver stations up to 35km away. Our unique technology allows placement of the sensors wherever required regardless of terrain. Hills and valley are not a concern. We do not have the line of site requirements and/or Cellular network dependency that are typical of currently available products.

FarmBot is fundamentally different to existing systems as we have removed the need for complex on farm technology. All processing and data storage is Cloud based.

Our sensors can be simply installed by the end user and once turned on the user has full access to their alerts and data on phone, PC or tablet.

Our current focus is stock water monitoring. In the near future we will be providing modules including Soil Moisture and Temperature, Electric Fence status, Machine monitoring, Security etc.

Our vision is to provide a range of products and services that make remote monitoring a affordable commodity for farms and remote enterprises enabling smart, timely and analysis driven management of all assets.

Founders: Craig Hendricks, Glen English, Michael Warner