Furrst class: Meet the Aussie startup partnering with Delta Airlines to revolutionise pet travel

After moving to Singapore with her dog in 2014, Australian startup founder Jenny Pan came to a sudden realisation: what airlines use to transport pets hadn’t been changed in 45 years.

“They look a bit like laundry baskets — they’ve got those metal mesh doors. It’s a very typical crate design,” she tells StartupSmart.

“Those crates were designed in the 1970s, and they haven’t changed since.”

A former corporate marketing manager, Pan quit her job and put all her time into redesigning the pet travel experience, launching CarePod, a startup which provides comfortable, “first class” travel for our furry friends.

But re-designing a nearly 50-year-old piece of hardware is harder than it sounds, so with the help of local startup support network Muru-D, Pan took her idea to the US first in hopes of attracting ex-NASA engineers to work on the product.

“But I couldn’t get any on board, so we ended up in Germany working with an engineering consultant who’d worked with companies like Mercedes-Benz,” she says.

“While we were working with them, they kept being so surprised when they realised the crate design hadn’t changed in 45 years.”

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