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Accelerating startups

Startups who secure a spot in muru-D will join us at our purpose built startup for 6 months of tailored support.

  1. Getting started at muru-D bootcamp The acceleration period begins with a week getting to know and understand your business and understanding the elements you'll need to accelerate it.
  2. Meeting your milestones In the first 3 months of your journey we work with you meet your business milstones and significantly accelerate your business. At this critical time, we offer expert advice and the connections you will need to succeed.
  3. Matching you to mentors We'll grow your business super fast, by matching you up to the people who are best placed to help you. Mentoring will be provided from within the Telstra family and from external experts.
  4. Networking and investment possibilities We’ll hold multiple corporate and investor networking events throughout your time with us. Our aim is to make sure that by the time you leave you'll have the network to keep growing fast. We also host weekly public events to provide you with exposure to as many people who can help as possible.
  5. Overseas Trip We really focus on globally ambitious companies and in order to facilitate this, we will arrange a 7-10 day trip around the 4 month mark. The location will be based on the needs of the cohort. In Sydney cohort 1 it was San Francisco and Los Angeles in the US. In Sydney cohort 2 it was Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing in China. Companies pay their own way on these trips though muru-D does what it can to keep it lean and does all the organising, event management and attraction of useful connections. Typically on these trips 30% of the time is spent on group events and 70% is on your own meetings and work. We will work with you to make sure you get great value out of the trip.
  6. Demo Night The 6 month accelerator program ends with a demo night in an auditorium filled with investors, mentors, business partners and Telstra supporters.

What we offer

Our Sydney and Singapore programs, as well as Brisbane partnership, all aim to take great digital ideas to a global market.

As part of a six-months program, you will gain access to a purpose built coworking space; our global network of mentors, alumni, investors and partners; international trade trips; and many more perks.

You will get all the benefits of building lifetime connections with your fellow cohort entrepreneurs, whilst working with us to create an acceleration path that is tailored to fit your business needs.

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