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Smart cities, more than a buzzword?

James Adams, Co-founder Orbmaps, is part of our current cohort in Brisbane, BNE4. He shares with us his passion for Smart Cities and using technology to bring the public and private industries together to best expand our growing cities.

Four Australian companies innovating Smart City technologies

Australia’s population is expected to reach 29 million by 2030, but how are we addressing the expansion of our cities?

We have all seen the news articles and government programs sponsoring the values of Smart Cities as the solution without narrowing down the central idea of “what is a smart city?”

What is a Smart City?

Smart Cities are measured by their ability to implement innovative technologies that address issues with a growing city. Once implemented, these technologies will have a positive impact on communities allowing for better housing, infrastructure and work environments.

Our Smart City Technologies

A large number of entrepreneurs in Australia are revealing their cutting-edge smart city technologies being implemented through a collaborative effort with our local cities and communities.

  • Instant urban/environmental planning research reports (Orbmaps)
  • Instant building plans and approvals (udrew)
  • Real-time data on noise and air pollution ( Ambient Maps)
  • Public and private collaborating for better infrastructure (Smart LINC)

As cities like Brisbane, Australia is rapidly expanding, we look to new and innovative methods to save on government resources while meeting growing demands for affordable environmentally friendly housing.

1. Smart City Development Planning (Orbmaps)

Orbmaps works towards making Smarter Cities through digital urban and environmental planning. 
Saving public resources for local councils by allowing to answer development questions instantly, where to open up future housing development areas. Property professionals have been relying on Orbmaps as a future industry standard tool to reduce their property research from a few hours to a few minutes.

2. Smart City Building Planning (udrew)

udrew aims to make Smarter Cities through digital building plans and approvals.
This revolutionary technology saves public resources for local councils by guiding the public through building planning processes and having instant online approvals. Currently, it takes months to get a building plan drawn up and approved, but now you can plan and get an instant approval in minutes! udrew is part of our current cohort in Perth PER2.

3. Smart City Environments (Ambient Maps)

Ambient Maps is making Smart Cities by protecting your local communities air and noise quality.
Helping Australians understand how transport noise and air quality affect their home and ensure that infrastructure and industries that negatively affect communities avoided. Empowering communities to make the right decisions when forecasting city expansion.

4. Smart City Infrastructure (Smart LINC)

Smart LINC is aiming to make Smart Infrastructure through a platform that provides councils and an easy way to manage and develop applications for better infrastructure.
An exciting cloud-based platform that helps save council resources and collaborate more effectively with private industries to deliver projects on time and on budget.

The Future

Our cities are expanding, and so is the demand for new technology that will help us meet the demand of our growing population. Australia is stepping up to meet these demands and only the future will tell us the results.

Article originally published on Medium.