Julie Trell - muru-D

Julie Trell on EchoJunction Podcast

Julie caught up with Adam Fraser, Founder of EchoJunction podcast, to chat about everything digital and social, and the world of startup accelerators. Adam and Julie covered…

  • Julie’s career to date
  • How Julie met Salesforces founder Marc Benioff pre-Salesforce, and the vision he had that led her to join his team
  • Julie’s decade at Salesforce, her roles there and how the customer-centric approach has driven the successful growth and longevity of Salesforce
  • Julie’s career post-Salesforce and what drove her to work for philanthropic organisations
  • muru-D, what accelerator businesses are and how muru-D is helping to create a space for entrepreneurs to thrive
  • What Julie and muru-D look for in entrepreneurs, from knowing who your customer is and articulating the right solution for them
  • Julie’s thoughts on empathetic marketing and the importance of delivering the right story, to the right customers and responding on time
  • SheEO, radical generosity and how the initiative it is enabling women to invest and support female entrepreneurs
  • The technologies muru-D are employing to manage both entrepreneurs and their customers, from workflow and communications to mental health monitoring and management
  • Trainwreck Tuesday: how muru-D educating startup founders on failures and risk through storytelling
  • You can find the full interview on the EchoJunction website, StitcheriTunes, and audioBoom.