Manisha Goyal

General Counsel/Head of Legal tech/media/data & corporate lawyer for/with top tier law firms, start-ups and large multinational corporations in the technology, data and media sectors across Australia, New Zealand and Asia including: Minter Ellison, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Group; Potentia; oOh!media, Quantium and Singtel, to name a few. As a respected senior counsel, I have advised on a broad range of commercial, intellectual property, corporate, litigious and regulatory matters and offer a proven track record in negotiating and advising boards, investors, CEOs and senior management on complex partnerships, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures.

As a ‘commercial architect’ I plan, design and construct commercial frameworks that minimise risk and bring together disruptive industry partners to drive innovative and commercial solutions that enhance value. Further, having worked with broadcasters, studios, producers, telecommunication providers and private and public investors I can evidence strong relationships with key players in the technology, internet and media industry located worldwide.

Favourite Game: Cards Against Humanity
Superpower: Single-handedly changing peoples perception of lawyers