Craig Dixon

Craig Dixon - muru-D

Craig Dixon is the entrepreneur in residence (EiR) for muru-D Singapore. He is passionate about promoting behaviors and frameworks that enhance the efficiency of startup ecosystems. “I believe very strongly that entrepreneurs can and will unlock the solutions to most of the biggest challenges that face humanity and the planet and I want to be a part of that”. Craig is a founder of several startups including Zumata, a B2B AI travel technology startup founded in 2010 and a portfolio company of Wavemaker/DFJ, Siemer Ventures, 500 startups, among others. He is also an investor and advisor in early-stage startups. Prior to co-founding Zumata, Craig worked in banking and received his MBA from the University of Maryland (USA) and HKUST (Hong Kong). In his free time Craig is an avid reader, loves fitness, traveling and red wine, sometimes combining them all into a single day.

Favourite game: Risk: The Game of Global Domination
Superpower: Completed an Ironman triathlon (grit)