Christiaan Hind

Having recently moved from the small town of Canberra, Christiaan is excited to be joining muru-D amidst the hustle and bustle of the Sydney startup ecosystem. He strongly believes that startups hold the key to a better society, and is eager to help the muru-D community create awesome success stories.

Christiaan supported several startup programs in Canberra, such as InnovationACT and the ANU’s entrepreneurship discipline. He has also worked for several startups in various roles from operations,  to marketing and business development. Prior to joining muru-D, Christiaan was working as a management consultant focused on strategy and communications.

Outside of muru-D, Christiaan is an obsessive soccer player/supporter and cooks far too many desserts. A lover of coffee and chocolate, he’s always eager to meet new people!

Favourite Game: 3D tic-tac-toe
Superpower: Eating chocolate and eternal optimism (the two may be linked…)