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We’ve had the smart phone, the electric car is coming and now it is time for the ‘smart building.’ Physical buildings need to be retrofitted to make them smarter and a key component is reducing their energy consumption.

Brent Clark was Chairperson of a 40 unit residential building and co-ordinated 10 energy saving projects to reduce common area electricity costs by 70% – a saving of $16,000 per year or $400 per unit p.a. After seeing the dramatic results he enlisted Data Scientist, Ross McIntyre, to form the Wattblock team.

Wattblock makes it easy for anyone to create an energy saving roadmap for their building in just a few minutes. It takes the basic dimensions of the building and current electricity spend to determine the energy saving potential for the block. Wattblock estimates the costs of the projects and the payback time, helping mobilize building owners to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Wattblock is creating smart cities, one building at a time.


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