Persollo muru-D startup accelerator

PERSOLLO is a new simple and easy tool to sell and collect money cross-platform: social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), blogs, text message! The product information and payment details are housed on one simple URL. It allows completing the purchase in two quick clicks. No set up fees and no technical skills required with our share-anywhere URL! Positioned in-between classic payment services and store-builders, PERSOLLO hit the global market with a unique and disruptive value proposition that solves the problem of selling and collecting money on social networks and blogs in the most efficient way. PERSOLLO is an innovation. Offering merchants, freelancers, bloggers, tradies and charities a simple, cheap and cross-platform way of getting paid, PERSOLLO has no direct competitors in Australia and globally!

Founders: Kyrylo Medvediev, Olga Oleinikova, Yaroslav Prisiazhnuk, Stanislav Prisiazhnuk

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