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OpenLearning is the social and collaborative online learning platform that fosters communities around courses to make online learning more fun, effective and enjoyable.

Our aim at OpenLearning is to revolutionise education. We want to shift the power and focus back onto students. We believe that learning can and should be enjoyable, ongoing, and above all effective. We’re committed to creating fun and interactive communities that enhance people’s abilities, and promote dynamic communication. Our vision to build a lifelong love of learning spreads far beyond educational institutions, branching into boardrooms, team sports, group work, and right through to retirement. At OpenLearning we believe that you should never stop learning, and we want to share our passion for accessible education. We have currently reached 35,000 students and educators from 220 countries and strive to reach many more. So join us and come on a journey to revolutionise education.

Founders: Adam Brimo, David Collien, Richard Buckland

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