CrowdSourceHire - muru-D

Making the wrong hiring decisions, will cost a business time, money and resource, CrowdSourceHire is here to help.

Our aim at CrowdSourceHire is to assist in the hiring process, by assessing the skills of short listed technical hires. We do this by crowdsourcing industry experts within a specific technical field, and using the CrowdSourceHire frame work of tools, these experts design customised assessments specific to the business’s job description.

Our goal is to bring the human element into the pre-hire assessment industry, and embed our crowdsourced expert methodology into other industry verticals, as we see a gap in adequately validating candidate skills across different industries.

We want to ensure that businesses are making the right hiring decisions, and that candidates have the right skills before getting placed into a job.

Founders: Ben Liau, Desmond Hang, Rajnish Kumavat

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