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Study after study have shown that kids perform better when parents get involved in their education, & not just a bit better; 52% of those children get more A’s. If a school were to try and match those results it would need to spend over $1,000/child/year – in the US that would cost $375 billion! The kids learn better when the family gets involved!

Why don’t all parents get involved in their kids’ education? The problem boils down to 2 things; focus & time; less than a quarter of parents could name a basic milestone their child should have learned the previous year & 2 thirds of parents struggle because of work commitments.

Chattykidz makes it easy to get involved with a family learning app, combining Skype’s real-time engagement with educational content. Parents build a safe, trusted network that engages the child with video chat & together share educational content in real-time. Sharing the workload and improving the academic results.

Founders: Ken Taggart, Annabelle Taggart

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