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OpenLearning Raises $8.5m

Congratulations to Co-founder and chief executive Adam Brimo and the team for raising $8.5m. Adam and his co-founders went through our first program in Sydney in 2013. The raise values the business at an impressive $33.5 million and the round brings the company’s total funding to $13.7 million since it launched five years ago.

OpenLearning aims to revolutionise education, shifting the power and focus back onto students. They’re committed to creating fun and interactive communities that enhance people’s abilities, and promote dynamic communication and believe that you should never stop learning.

The platform has reached over 35,000 students and educators from 220 countries and no doubt with this raise they will be able to reach many more.

To read their coverage in the Australian Financial Review click here.

And if you’d like to know what it’s like to work at OpenLearning, check out the video below!