muru D


muru-D Proudly Supports Marriage Equality

On the week Australian’s are starting to receive postal surveys, we’re proudly showing our support for marriage equality. We’ve updated our logo to prominently feature the LGBTIQ rainbow.

We strongly believe that everyone should be respectful and inclusive. In fact, some of our core values include being human-centric, influential and collaborative, ensuring everyone has the power to affect positive change and work better together.

Head of muru-D, Julie Trell, said support for marriage equality was an important issue in our ecosystem.

"muru-D supports marriage equality. Love is love.

"We are proud to stand by organisations who support marriage equality like FishburnersInnovation BayCAPITAL-eBlue Chilli, TechSydney and Rampsersand, with whom we collaborate in the tech and startup ecosystem."


Authorised by: Julie Trell

The Commonwealth government has passed laws to promote a respectful public debate on the marriage law survey. These laws apply to any public statement we make as a company about the survey, and require us to authorise and attribute all communication about the survey. These laws apply from now until the publication of the survey results on 15 November 2017.