Zed a certain winner at Rugby World Cup

Zed a certain winner at Rugby World Cup

by Ross Wright (Co-Founder, Zed Technologies)

The Zed Link image sharing platform has been used extensively by team doctors at this years Rugby World Cup in Japan to ensure that player X-rays and scans were instantly accessible by the very best radiologists and sports medicine experts across the globe.

World Rugby Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Martin Raftery recognised the benefits in offering secure image sharing to all participating nations. “In previous tournaments, I have seen sensitive images and information shared via SMS, WhatsApp or uploaded into personal dropbox accounts. Not only is that insecure, but how can a specialist sitting thousands of kilometres away be expected to pick up a subtle injury based on a picture of a picture?” 

During the Rugby World Cup, with touring teams regularly traveling between games, imaging could be performed at any one of a dozen imaging centres across Japan. Scans and documents could be uploaded to Zed Link for immediate sharing.

Around 50 scans were uploaded to the Zed Link platform during the tournament. The majority were MRI scans with a small number of CT, ultrasound and plain X-rays.

“Being such a massive international event, it was great to see an Australian technology company also being involved”. – Dr Nathan Gibbs, Wallabies team doctor

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