She’s Building A Robot Interview: Anastasia Volkova, Flurosat

Interview of Anastasia, by Mick Liubinskas

This is an interview as a part of the crowdfunding campaign for the book She’s Building A Robot. The book’s aim is to encourage teenage girls to get excited about technology and we want to share as many stories about women in tech as we can.

I love this story from Anastasia from Flurosat. She’s from Ukraine, now living in Australia. She was part of muru-D SYD4

Here’s the video interview.


  1. Her grandfather showed her Corel Draw, a CAD program. He then got her a computer so she can do it herself.
  2. She runs an agriculture technology company that “applies advanced scientific models to remote sensing, field operations and weather data to deliver full stack decision support for modern farmers.” Wow.
  3. Being a CEO of a tech company requires a breadth of skills. You don’t have to be completely technical, but you have to at least understand it enough to lead it.

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