Kiddsbay heads off to the US, kids and all

Written by Allan Lalic, Co-founder Kiddsbay

So there we were, just two weeks out from the muru-D SYD5 trip to one of the best destinations on this planet for startups, and my co-founder and I were still asking ourselves, should we go to San Fran, I mean San Francisco sorry Mick.

It went something along these lines, from one co-founder to the other.

“You go, you need it, you’ll meet a whole bunch of inspiring women and men!”

“No you go, you need it, it will help you grow and change your mindset forever!”

“Wait a minute, let’s both go and we will achieve all our goals. And by the way, let’s take the kids with us!”

Admittedly there were a couple of glasses of wine involved, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made.

SF is truly a fantastic place, not just from the view from the startup world, but the people are really welcoming and relaxed and the scenery is spectacular….. I digress….. so let’s get to why we are at SF.

Kiddsbay founder Allan Lalic muru-D startup accelerator
Kiddsbay Co-founder Allan Lalic

As part of this muru-D accelerator program there is a 10 day travelling education program that takes us to SF and now I can see why it’s so important to do this journey.

Our take outs:

People are on a mission to change the world for the better, and are happy to find time to talk to you even if you are a competitor or are just wanting to gather some information about their journey. Americans are very happy and comfortable sharing this, no matter if there is success or not. If they can help directly, they will, if they can’t, they will try and connect you with someone that can (truly amazing).

Americans have a global view not a local view, there are billions on this planet, not millions. Confidence oozes in a positive way, and it’s not arrogance. There is no tall poppy syndrome, which I love. A “just do it” mentality and all you need to do is just try and see how and where your idea can take you. Make sure you have and work with great people to validate your idea and also increase your self belief by 10X.  Focus on being the best to yourself and to others, think global, be great and change the world.

Kiddsbay Co-founder Adelina Lalic
Kiddsbay Co-founder Adelina Lalic

Have our mindsets changed?


So where to next?

Our focus is to get our Kiddsbay dream to become a reality so our kids and all kids on this planet can be what they want to be and not what others tell them what they have to become. This is our passion, this is our why and what we get out of bed for every, single, day.