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What’s a startup accelerator?
A startup accelerator is an organisation that works with the founders of startups at various stages of their business (usually prior to raising series A funding). The accelerator provides them with seed funding, as well as the skills, knowledge and connections to help them scale their business. Typically there is a competitive application process and the resources are provided in exchange for an investment in the business.
What does the name muru-D mean?
“muru” is the Sydney Aboriginal Eora word meaning "path", and “D” stands for digital. Given that we were founded in Australia and we provide global pathways to success for digital entrepreneurs to be successful, it encapsulates our vision and what we do.

program application.

Am I eligible for your programs?
As a guideline, in order for muru-D to accelerate you, you need to be moving. Here is what we're looking for:

Teams - We want founders who have a strong and meaningful connection to the problem they are solving. Maybe you’ve experience the problem first hand by working in that industry, or maybe you are the perfect customer or you just care deeply about it. We also want a team that can do everything needed to be accelerated. This usually means being able to build a product, sell it to a customer and run a business. We’re looking for committed founders who’ll base themselves in our workspace are working on their business 100% of their time.

Pre-seed, Seed up to Series A welcome - We can help you at various stages and our use of SAFE Notes for funding makes it easy to work with companies at any valuation.

Ambition - We want to work with Australia's most ambitious Founders tackling material global problems with massive potential to scale.

Global - Our goal is to create more globally successful entrepreneurs and companies. It's important to us that you are not purely focused on your local market but want to go global - fast. The program includes an overseas trip and much of our content is geared towards big markets. We are not anti-local markets but recognise the significantly different trajectory of born-global businesses.

Deep Tech & Innovation - The D in muru-D stands for digital. This represents technology, software and hardware providing that there is a significant component of innovation.

Collaborative - We select 5-12 companies per program (depending on location) and the cohort will become a valuable team in their own right. It is critical that all the people in the companies can operate collaboratively to be supported and to provide support.

The best way to get a sense of whether your startup is eligible is to come along to an events.
Why do you only support technology startups?
We’re about maximising positive impact and we see technology as being an enabler for this as it can help scale a business quickly and cost effectively. Our parent company, Telstra, is a leading technology company, so it makes sense from a corporate alignment perspective too.
Do I have to pay to be part of your accelerator program?
Nope, we don’t charge you anything to be part of our program. We provide you with seed funding, either on a SAFE note or straight equity basis, depending on location.
I’m not a tech founder, can I still apply?
Yes, you sure can. Many of our successful applicants have been non-tech founders. We do however encourage you to have this expertise as part of the team as soon as possible. This will help you to iterate quickly when required and enhance your core team’s skill set.
Do I have to be based in the location where I am accepted?
One of the many benefits of being part of our program is the cross pollination and learning that occurs amongst our cohorts. For this reason we recommend that you work out of our co-working space during the program.
I’m working on my startup part- time, can I still apply?
You will gain the most benefit from our program if you commit to it full time during the program period.
Are your programs Family-Friendly?
We love family-kids and 4-legged friends. Our co-working spaces are open plan and we need to be mindful of everyone’s needs. If you need to bring in little ones on an ad hoc basis, let your community manager know and we will do what we can to accommodate your needs. Pet-friendly office spaces vary per location. The community manager can let you know if it’s OK.
Is there an age limit to apply?
No. We love diversity of gender, age, culture and thought. This creates a really buoyant community where everyone and their business benefits.
I am a solo founder, can I still apply?
We’re open to conversations with all founders with great innovative businesses using technology. To benefit most from the program, we recommend you have a co-founder.

programs specifics.

Do you provide legal support as part of the program?
We have an in house lawyer who can guide you on key legal issues but you will need your own legal resource at some point. We can help connect you to the right people as well.
Do you have a perks program?
We sure do. We’ve partnered with many companies that can help support you on your startup journey offering free and heavily discounted services on everything from web services to accounting and CRM software.

after the program.

What happens when the program finishes?
Your muru-D journey doesn't end at the end of the program. You become part of our alumni and continue to benefit from our network of mentors, investors and other alumni. These connections provide the support, both business and personal, to help you to continue to scale your business and grow as a founder. You can find muru-D alumni all over the world from Shanghai to Singapore and San Francisco.