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Reflections from the muru-d team on pulling together a world class start-up accelerator.

muru-D Singapore Hits The Road Again muru-D Singapore Hits The Road Again

We just wrapped a 2-month recruitment drive across Southeast Asia, looking for 10 awesome start-ups for our upcoming Cohort 3 in Singapore. We held 14 events in 9 cities across 6 countries, speaking with nearly 500 entrepreneurs.

Here are our highlights country-by-country!

SxSW 2017 Wrap SxSW 2017 Wrap

muru-D sent me along to SxSW. I saw some fantastic talks, played with incredible tech and I met some amazing people.

92% of startups fail... don't be one of them. 92% of startups fail... don't be one of them.

It seems like an attractive concept nowadays, run your own startup, escape the 9 to 5, make megabucks in a huge IPO… everyone’s doing it, can’t be too hard, right? But if so, then why are the vast majority of them failing. Insights from Joseph Harris at muru-D Singapore after his first month.

muru-D Singapore Investing for Angels Event muru-D Singapore Investing for Angels Event

On 15th December muru-D Singapore hosted an educational seminar for aspiring and early Angel Investors. We had about 20 attendees join us for an open and engaging 3.5-hour session.

muru-D Singapore’s Apvera secures SG$1.7M in growth capital muru-D Singapore’s Apvera secures SG$1.7M in growth capital

Apvera, a threat intelligence company in Singapore and muru-D Singapore alumni, announced last week that it has closed a SG$1.7M round of financing, led by ACP and SPRING Singapore.

Led by ACP and SPRING Singapore, will be used to further develop and scale Apvera’s Insight 360 threat intelligence platform, and accelerate its go-to-market and sales execution efforts.

muru-D Singapore Cohort 2: Month 2 muru-D Singapore Cohort 2: Month 2

muru-D Singapore Cohort 2 just are already two months into the program! All our teams are working incredibly hard developing their business, generating new customers and learning how to be better entrepreneurs. Here are some highlights from the second month.

SGP2 Investor Night SGP2 Investor Night

On 1st November muru-D hosted its first Investor Night for the Singapore cohort 2 teams.  Prominent Angel Investors and VC representatives watched our eleven teams pitch their businesses and engaged in some great Q+A after each pitch. The pitching session was followed by networking between the teams and interested investors.

muru-D Singapore Cohort 2: first 30 days muru-D Singapore Cohort 2: first 30 days

The journey of the first 30 days of muru-D Singapore cohort 2 startups in the accelerator program. Experiments, Networking and Guidance were major themes of these 30 days.



The Sunrise Conference 2016 - highlights and robot throwing frisbees

Another great event by the Blackbird team. Insights, inspiration and great people.

Want to know more about muru-D #SGP2? Come say hi! Want to know more about muru-D #SGP2? Come say hi!

Are you startup looking for world class acceleration? Would you benefit from a network of global mentors? Would seed investment and a purpose build workspace for six months help your business? If so, we want to meet you! muru-D is about to open for applications for its second cohort in Singapore. We’re hitting the road for the next 40 days and will be in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bandung, Singapore, Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, Manila and Bangkok. If you want to be a part of #SGP2 join us at one of these events to find out exactly who we are, and how we could help you grow fast.

Journey Through the Singapore Startup Scene Journey Through the Singapore Startup Scene


New Role at muru-D - Startup Ecosystem Development New Role at muru-D - Startup Ecosystem Development

Are you wildly passionate about tech startups? Would you like to build on the network of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors in Australia? Then this job might be for you.

#SYD3 is US bound #SYD3 is US bound

muru-D startups must have global ambitions and a key part of each cohort is the international trip. We take the companies to a big global market like China or the US to widen their perspectives, fire up their ambitions and shake things up.

SYD3 Impress Investors SYD3 Impress Investors

Last week we held the first official Investor info evening for our SYD3 cohort at the fantastic Seven West Media suite in Eveleigh with fifty VIP Aussie startup investors.

Why I'm moving to Silicon Valley

My family and I are moving to the USA in August, I’m staying with muru-D, still helping the Australian ecosystem, and hoping we can all take things to the next level.

Getting Ready for muru-D

We are counting down to start of SYD3 program at muru-D. We asked our startups to share their thoughts, and here's what they said.

2015 a year in review 2015 a year in review

A quick recap of what happened in muru-D land in 2015

muru-D forms alliance with HAX Accelerator to help IoT startups go global. muru-D forms alliance with HAX Accelerator to help IoT startups go global.

We’re delighted to announce that muru-D and HAX Accelerator have also established an alliance to help drive the momentum of Internet of Things (IoT) across Asia Pacific and to help IoT startups go global.

Chinaccelerator and muru-D join forces Chinaccelerator and muru-D join forces

muru-D partners with Chinaccelerator, opening the doors to one of the world's biggest markets.

Mentor Fund targets muru-D Companies

A group of muru-D mentors have formed a new venture fund to invest in muru-D companies.

muru-D Expands: More Capital, 500 Startups, Chinaccelerator

muru-D is raising the the bar for Australian technology entrepreneurs with additional funding, its mentors forming a follow on fund and new partnerships with 500 Startups and Chinaccelerator.

muru-D Alliance With 500 Startups muru-D Alliance With 500 Startups

muru-D has formed an alliance with 500 Startups. This agreement will allow muru-D companies to fasttracked into the 500 Startups application process, connect Australian and US startups and mentors, and expand their business networks by fast-tracking access to potential investors and customers across the pacific.

The Startup Newsletter The Startup Newsletter

Brent Clark from Wattblock shares some tips on how to keep mentor, partner and investor engagement up via fortnightly updates!

Startups at Collective Campus Event

We held a muru-D Q&A, Focus Talk and 60 Second Pitches at The Collective Campus in Melbourne last night. Here are some of the companies we met.

muru-D goes local!

muru-D is looking for new ways to impact and grow the Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem

How do you measure success? Class #2 Demo Night How do you measure success?         Class #2 Demo Night

Last night we hosted Demo Night for our second class of muru-Ds startups which is their moment to shout loud and proud about the progress they’ve made during the program. Unsurprisingly it’s been a rollercoaster six months for the businesses, they’ve travelled to China, worked with more than 200 phenomenal mentors, completed hundreds of pitches, consumed gallons of coffee (maybe a few beers too) and had many, many late nights.

China Initiative

澳洲电信公司Telstra 旗下孵化器muru-D首创中国之旅
Telstra's muru-D China Initiative

Here Comes Demo Night Here Comes Demo Night

After 6 months of intensive workshops, mentoring sessions, a trip to China and many, many pitches, the muru-D Class #2 startups are about to end their 6 month acceleration journey at muru-D.

Thoughts about China from startups and mentors

We've gathered some thoughts about China from both startups and mentors who went with us on the trip.

Reflections from China

With only 22 million people, Australia is considered a small open market. We believe that it is therefore important for Australian startups to gain exposure to large international markets and understand the myriad factors and dynamics at play. Unlike many other accelerators, this international exposure constitutes the main purpose of the muru-D trip, which we take our startups on as part of their acceleration journey with us.

Heading to China (or Asia)

Some tips for startups that want to enter the Chinese market.

I'm Going Around In Spirals

8 weeks into a new muru-D batch there is a common look of confusion, frustration and exhaustion on the face of many of the entrepreneurs. You may think you’re going in circles, but really, you’re going in spirals.

Thoughts on muru-D so far...

Rachel asked a few startups and mentors about their thoughts on the Class #2 accelerator program so far.

Global Customers Are Worth 10x

Australia is geographically large, but population small. For revenue and investment, global customers can make a massive difference to your business.

Observations and photos from an accelerator Observations and photos from an accelerator

Which companies get the most out of a tech accelerator?

Nothing Beats Traction

An email to the entrepreneurs at muru-D with one month left to go in the six month program.

It's pitch time!

For those who haven't heard about the news already, we're inviting the startup community to come and watch our startups demo.

After six months of intensive workshops, our startups are busy prepping for the muru-D Demo Night on the August 14th at the NSW Teachers Federation.

You can get tickets here and watch the countdown at:

Our week in the US!

The muru-D team and our 9 startups spent a week in the US a few weeks ago; 4 days in SF and 3 days days in LA.

Helpful startup tools you might not have heard of

Along our travels over the last few months I’ve met a lot of startups & come across a lot of great tools that are out there to help budding entrepreneurs...

Guy Kawasaki's 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

10 lessons that Guy see's all too often.

An update from us An update from us

We've been super busy with our first class of startups. There's been a lot of activities but it’s been a while so we thought we'll give you an update on what's life at muru-D is like for the first class!

What the stages mean?

Lean startup and Startup Genome talks about the stages of a startup but most people don't understand them. Here are some thoughts.

Pitch Day is upon us!

Only a few more sleeps to go till our final pitch day when 17 teams will be battling it out for one of the 10 spots!

Life at muru-d

Lots of people are asking me how life is going at muru-D after 5.5 years full on with Pollenizer. Honestly it's very new, very interesting and very challenging.

[Video] Accelerator Application Tips

A few tips on applications.

Pitch Night Video

A short compilation of some of the pitches from last Friday nights series of 50 one minute pitches.

What does a good application look like?

Top 5 points start-ups should cover in their application for the muru-D accelerator program.

First week report

A quick wrap up of the amazing first week that we've had.

The road to muru-D

Just over 3 months ago, muru-D was nothing other than a great idea on some slides. We've done a great deal in those 3 short months.

Past events

RCL Accelerator BNE3 Info Night River City Labs, Fortitude Valley, QLD
How Aussie tech businesses should think about Silicon Valley Telstra Labs, Gurrowa, Melbourne, VIC
Trainwreck Tuesday #3 muru-D, Sydney, NSW