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PER1 applications are now open!

muru-D has partnered with Spacecubed in Perth to support the most ambitious and determined founders in Australia. 

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Applications are submitted via a 3rd party platform provided by F6S. Use of the F6S platform is subject to their terms. For details on our application T&Cs and privacy policy click here.

Sydney Entrepreneur in Residence, Ben Sand

muru-D's Sydney EIR Ben Sand, grew up in Sydney, Canberra, and the Blue Mountains. He initially worked on early stage tech companies in Sydney and then headed to the USA in 2012.

Graduate of Y Combinator Summer 2013 and co-founder of Meta. He helped to build a holographic computer, raised a $23M Series A and built the foundation for the $50M Series B. He also helped hire 70 great people, including many world #1s.

Passionate about world changing technology and helping founders with a big vision he's currently coaching 30 early stage companies in muru-D.

Work exclusively with Ben Sand to make your world changing vision a reality in SYD4, apply today!

SYD4 Terms

For SYD4, muru-D is offering up to $60k, together with up to $75k from the Bardama Fund and up to $15k from out mentors, to our startups during and post-program.

Companies entering the muru-D program will receive $20k at the start.  They are required to raise $15k from our mentor/investor network and achieve specific milestones by the mid-point of the program which will then unlock a further $20k from muru-D and $25k from the Bardama Fund. If they do a qualifying raise of $50K post-program, muru-D will provide a further $20k and the Bardama Fund, $50k. 

All this funding is anticipated to be provided via a SAFE convertible note (Simple Agreement For Future Equity) so is not tied to a valuation. This means that founders do not have to give up a specific percentage of their company at the time of investment. By investing flexibly, muru-D positions itself to be attractive to both early and later stage companies and more ambitious founders.

For further details on our SYD4 investment terms click here.

What you need to apply

We're going to need for you to tell us about your company, and how you see it working as a business and changing the world. For example, we'll be asking what your biggest achievement so far is, your initial target market and who your competition is, so having your business plan on hand would be a good idea.

You'll need to answer some questions about yourself and your team so having peoples' profiles available will help here.

You'll also need to make two short videos and a slide deck to share with us. This is mandatory as it really helps to bring your idea to life. 

Our application process and dates

  • Complete your online application We’ll need you to let us know what global problem you are trying to solve, how your solution is innovative and why your team is best placed to solve it.
  • TOP#40 interviews The top 40 applicants will be invited for a 30 minute face-to-face or Skype interview. We want to meet all co-founders.
  • TOP#20 Bootcamp The top 20 applicants will be invited to attend a two-day bootcamp where they’ll learn more about the program, meet the team and mentors, as well as pitch for a chance to make it to judging day.
  • Judging day Final pitch in front of a panel of seven judges - 10 teams are selected for the program.

SYD4 is a full-time program and will run in Sydney from the start of February until the end of July 2017.

Are you ready now?

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