muru D




We’re looking for early stage digital startups with global ambitions. By ‘early stage’ we mean less than a couple of years old, with minimal external investment. This is a guideline, so if your startup doesn’t quite match this criteria please still apply.

Specific requirements:

Be Digital. You must provide Us with an application based on a digital business concept. Any applications which do not have a digital focus will be automatically excluded from consideration;

No more than 2 years old. If You have been operating for more than 2 years, We may exclude your application from consideration;

Team Commitment. You and your team must be 110% committed to building your startup and pushing your boundaries for the duration of the program. This includes working at River City Labs full time for the duration of the program at a minimum of 9-5, 5 days per week. Your team will also be expected to be fully committed to participating in all parts of the program including prerequisite coursework, group sessions, mentoring sessions, pitch practice, scheduled events and more;

Legal Age. You and each member of Your team must each be at least 18 years of age; and

Right to Work. You and Your team must each have the right to live and work in the Program Location. This means that You and Your team must have gained all necessary permissions, including visas or employment passes, necessary to enable You and Your team to live and work in the Program Country for the duration of the Program.

Before submitting your application please review our full terms and conditions



We provide you with a cash contribution of A$60k in return for a small 6% stake in your company. This will come in 3 tranches of 20 each, plus 3 month extension based-on performance during the initial 3-months. Does this mean we’re invested in you? Heck yes it does.

You get a lot more than just cash investment including ‘money-can’t-buy’ access to experts within the River City Labs and muru-D families, and to some of our key partners.

Support will also be available from experts in software development, design, marketing, business development, legals, finance, capital raising, pitching and other issues you’ll need to deal with as your idea comes to life.

Of course, we’ll do everything we can to open the right doors for your startup.