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The USA is a market of $16 trillion and 300 million people. It is also a key driver of new products and big trends. muru-D supports it's companies accessing the USA for both customers and capital. 


  • Silicon Valley - San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Clara
  • Seattle
  • Los Angeles
  • Colarado
  • New York
  • Austin

Featured mentors

The muru-D network in the USA includes advisors, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, recruiters, office space and more. Here are some great minds helping you to expand to the US:


Pascal Finette

Pascal Finette

Managing Director Singularity University Labs

Carl Hartmann

Carl Hartmann

CEO of Temando.

Nick Crocker

Nick Crocker

Product Manager at My Fitness Pal.

Justin Angsuwat

Justin Angsuwat

Lead HR Business Partner at Google.


These are companies that muru-D has a relationship with and can arrange an introduction and often som initial time.


Ooyala - Video technology


Temando - Shipping and fullfilment technology

Service Rocket - Technology services and integration


Professional Services

Mitchellake - Talent management and recruitment