muru D


Big markets,
global networks

Global ambition

At muru-D we know that global customers are worth 10x. A core component of the muru-D Program is being born global and accessing big markets - China, USA and Europe.

Market mentors

Considerable impact of muru-D comes from the mentors and this is certainly the case with global market access. We have a large and growing network of experienced business people who we can connect your business to for advice, services and investment. 

International trips

Traveling with the muru-D team, mentors and your cohort can open game changing doors for you. Our trips are prepared to deliver an extraordinary amount of value to your business as well as significant personal professional development. The trips are typically 7-14 days in length and take in multiple cities in the market. We run multiple trips each year and alumni companies can also request to attend.

Are you ready?

Have you done your due diligence? The application process is rigorous and extremely competitive. Do your homework before you apply.