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At muru-D, we develop more successful companies by developing stronger entrepreneurs. We invest in you and your business by providing a full time team, mentoring, introductions, tools, perks, offieces, masterclasses, events, overseas trips.

See below or select a location for more detail:  Sydney - Singapore - Brisbane 

Sydney applications are now open

For SYD4, muru-D is offering up to $60k.

Companies entering the muru-D program will receive $20k at the start.  They are required to achieve specific milestones by the mid-point of the program which will then unlock a further $20k from muru-D. If they do a qualifying raise of $50K post-program, muru-D will provide a further $20k.

All this funding is anticipated to be provided via a SAFE convertible note (Simple Agreement For Future Equity) so is not tied to a valuation. This means that founders do not have to give up a specific percentage of their company at the time of investment. By investing flexibly, muru-D positions itself to be attractive to both early and later stage companies and more ambitious founders.

For further details on our SYD4 investment terms click here.


As a guideline, in order for muru-D to accelerate you, you need to be moving. 

Here is what we're looking for:

  1. Teams - the biggest reason companies get into muru-D (or not) is due to the team. We want a team has a strong and meaninful connection to the problem they are solving - e.g. they are from that industry, are the perfect customer or just care deeply about it. We also want a team that can do everything needed to be accelerated. This usually means being able to build a product, sell it to a customer and run a business. We will help you every single day but this is your business and you need to work out how to run it by running it - all of it. 
  2. Early stage - this means you've started but haven't started really growing yet. Typically this means 3-18 months old but could mean earlier if you've got a team that can move fast or later if you haven't been pushing it hard. 
  3. Post-MVP - you should at very least have a prototype, landing page or something else up in front of customers. 
  4. Pre-investment - you probably haven't had any other outside investment or only minimal. 
  5. Global - our goal is to create more globally successful entrepreneurs and companies. It's important to us that you are not purely focused on your local market but want to go global - fast. The program includes an overseas trip and much of our content is geared towards big markets. We are not anti-local markets but recognise the significantly different trajectory of born-global businesses. 
  6. Innovation - the D in muru-D stands for digital. This represents technology, software and hardware providing that there is a significant component of innovation. We are not interested in ecommerce sites, single use mobile apps or games which can't be built into a bigger business. 
  7. Collaborative - we select 5-10 companies per program and the cohort will become a valuable team in their own right. It is critical that all the people in the companies can operate collaboratively to be supported and to provide support. 

The best way to get a sense of whether your startup is eligible is to come along to an event.

Hear from muru-D startups

It's hard to explain what it's like to be in an accelerator in 5 minutes. Watch these videos and hear from our Sydney Class #2 founders to find out what it's like to be part of muru-D!

What's in it for Telstra?

  • Supporting the Australian technology community
    We know that startups like you are building are the future of technology in Australia. We want to work with you to keep these crucial skills here in Australia, we want to prove that you don’t need to go overseas to be successful.
  • Access to innovation right from the grass-roots
    muru-D will be a place where some of the most cutting edge tech ideas in Australia will come to light. We want to work with the brightest digital minds & be part of this scene of innovation right from the grass-roots upwards.

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